Monday 13 June 2011

Day 73: Key View and Cap Rock - Joshua Tree

We did two really nothing walks in Joshua Tree, to see things that had to be seen.  The Key View panorama is well worth it, and I ticked off seeing the San Andreas fault from my list of ambitions.  Key View is a good place to see the fault from because it skirts that little line of hills in the middle of the wide flat valley, so you can convince yourself there is actually something to see!

Antonia and I did a little impromptu bouldering at Cap Rock and found it more challenging than we expected.  We are a bit disappointed with the photo of our achievements.  When we've risked our lives climbing to dizzying heights, we really want the wide-angle job that shows what a huge pile of rocks and teetering precipice we are now perching on, not the telephoto close-up that shows me clutching my nine and a half year old in an inexplicably protective manner.  Poor Mike - we are not complaining.  I know he got bored out of his mind waiting for us, while we had intellectually stimulating discussions about whether we could or could not get up such and such a rock.  Antonia and I share an approach to climbing and it's probably something we should indulge in more often.