Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Day 80 and 81: Life at Magical Cottage

We aren't planning any big adventures this week, so I thought it would be nice to do some posts about our house, which is lovely.  I'll need to clean it up first, and that is another good thing.

Ordinary life around here has a routine, which will last for all of another 5 days.   In the morning Mike works with the East-Coasters and the Brits, while they're still awake at the same time.  Antonia does her lessons.  Since my main job is to help her, I do whatever I can in the gaps around that.  Such as make apricot compote for our yoghurts, sort out the photos, plan our evening walk in the desert, take care of any trip related admin or planning, read and write.  Sometimes I get a lot done, sometimes not so much...

This is where Mike works.  He knows who the band are in that painting above him.

This is where I work.  Mike thinks he is a better person because he doesn't work on a bed, so I let him go first.

This is Antonia's room where she talks on the phone to her friends in France.  Hmmmm... I wonder why I don't seem to have a picture of her working.

This is me in the kitchen making something or other and trying not to get photographed.

This house is owned by an artist and this is just a tiny part of a huge and hard to photograph installation.  I think it's supercool and I want to make one. 
Mike is not so sure about the dead things motif.

All in all we are very, very comfortable here.