Monday 25 July 2011

Day 113: Perfect Sunday

What I like about the kind of travel where we stay in a house somewhere is that we can combine the best of ordinary life with the best of traveling.  We can do all those Sunday things like stay in bed very late, eat home-cooked pancakes and maple syrup for brunch and eventually wander off to some place close by for a little walk.  That's where the adventure comes in. 

First to the top

We drove up to the Targhee Ski Resort and Antonia formed a plan to climb the highest hill in the place and reward herself with a free ride down on the chair lift. The only problem was that we were going to have to make good time up the hill to catch the chair lift before it closed.  I suppose ski lifts and ski run signs all over the place is not everybody's idea of a wilderness, but coming from a ski area ourselves, it had a homely feel.  The trail was steep enough to raise my endorphin level (which seems unusual for an American trail) and the elevation was high enough to cause all of us to struggle intermittently.  We had plenty of time to notice how much Antonia is growing up.  Not only does she make plans for us, not only does she want to charge us 50c for foot rubs (a service previously offered for free), but she now climbs mountains faster than us as well!!  We earned our reward and the chairlift dropped us down opposite the Branding Iron cafe in the middle of a bike festival and a gig by a local band, the Jet Black Ninja Funkgrass Unit.  They are truly excellent so we really got lucky there. 

Bike dancing to the Jet Black Ninja Funkgrass Unit

After that we ended the day perfectly by getting home in good time to cook Sunday dinner, lounge around in the hot tub and watch James Bond movies.

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