Thursday 28 July 2011

Days 115 & 116: We're not quite on vacation

Teton Canyon
 This is really a working trip for all of us, but due to force of circumstance the last month hasn't been extremely conducive to getting work done.  We're spending our last two days in Driggs catching up a bit, just going on short walks and soaking in the hot tub in the evenings.  Antonia and I went to explore the Teton Valley Museum and saw lots of Laura Ingalls Wilder type stuff for real.  What we liked best were the quilts and the cattle branding signs.  People often made quilts by sewing a square each and then stitching all the squares together.  It's interesting to come back 100 years later and still be able to see their individual tastes and personalities in the quilts after they're all gone.

We also had to change our plans for the next couple of days.  We can't really afford the time to hang around Glacier National Park until the weekend and we can't all work in the campervan.  So we've booked a motel in Great Falls, Montana for 2 nights.  Why Great Falls?  Well, it's on the way to Glacier but the hotel prices aren't as high as they are near the park.  And I thought it might be interesting to see what a medium sized town looks like.  Other than that I don't know a thing about the place, so it will be an adventure...  We have to stay 2 nights so that Mike can get a full day's work in.

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